The Band
Pat Bowser’s Red Stiletto Swing presents a unique flavor of the sensational & sultry standards of yesteryear.  Ms. Bowser, along with a variety of talented musicians brings decades of experience to the stage seasoned with a tasteful blend of skill & musicality to delight any audience.  This 21st century swing ensemble will have you strolling down memory lane, light on your feet to the beat, tapping your toes & singing a song.

Red Stiletto’s musicians include:  John Dorr/drums, Fred Cobb/keyboards, Jason Slead/bass

Songstress Pat Bowser has been gracing the stage with powerful & expressive vocals since the age of 12. She has 40+ years of performance experience in the professional music arena as well as accomplishments in the mainstream music writing & recording industries.

She has toured the U.S. & Canada performing in numerous musical groups & has showcased her original work in Nashville & Los Angeles.

Pat has one independent CD release, “In Touch With Love” & is currently working on a second CD project for a future release.

Ms. Bowser is a native Montanan.

BOOK TODAY: Contact Pat Bowser @ 406-202-0007 or [email protected]
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